31 August 2006

older and...ignoranter?

I am frequently amazed by how little credit some people give members of the senior generations in our country. In my experience, once you hit 70 or 80, you have pretty much seen it all, and seen most of it twice, whether you wanted to or not.

Oh, I know that as we age, our memories and some other faculties weaken. (My memory is already horrible. I've probably blogged about this already.) I'm just not sure that was the case with these circumstances:


"Senior citizens find nutured 'weed' is pot"

PHOENIX (Reuters) - Arizona seniors had no idea what the flourishing plant they nurtured in their driveway was until a passing deputy told them it was marijuana.

A Yavapai County sheriff's department said a deputy spotted the blooming 5-foot-tall marijuana plant growing in the driveway of a retirement community near Prescott, midweek.

"The residents just thought it was a pretty weed and so they decided to nurture it," department spokeswoman Susan Quayle told Reuters by telephone.

The officer yanked out the plant, which Quayle said was either "self-seeded or could have been dropped by a grandchild visiting the community."

"No citations were issued. The officer just educated them," she said.


"Dropped by a grandchild?" Good one!

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