09 August 2006

bean counters

"Nature also forges man, now a gold man, now a silver man, now a fig man, now a bean man."

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that my sister has a bit of an odd nickname. In cased you missed it: here is how it started.

The other thing you need to know is that there are rules.

"Rules," you ask?

Mmm hmmm. Rules.

Like these:

1. SmallBean is the only allowable non-bean name. In the beginning there was the SmallBean, and, as previously mentioned, it is good -- it's a perfect nickname -- so it's staying.

2. Only SmallBean and I can bestow Bean Names. And we are very particular. We have to a) love you and b) have the perfect name for you. It can take us awhile to come around to both. That said, a Bean Name is not a measure of our love. There are people at the top of our lists to whom no nominative legume as been assigned.

See? That wasn't so bad. And now, for the Cast and Crew.

The Beans:

RedBean = me (the hair)

JellyBean = my lovely husband (think about who else liked jelly beans and worked in Washington, DC)

SoyBean = Mama (lactose intolerant)

CoffeeBean = Friend who seemed to subsist entirely on coffee for a few years while the three of us (Small, Red, and Coffee) overlapped working at Starbucks.

GarbanzoBean = we wanted to be able to call her Chickpea!

StringBean = GarbanzoBean's brother (guess what? he's tall and skinny!)

BlackBean and VanillaBean = an Ebony and Ivory team

ButterBean = smooth talker

GreatNorthernBean = Mainer

And we have big news. Per recent discussions, you might read about a brand new Bean Name right here on this blog! How exciting for you!!!

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Chick Pea said...

i have curly hair and am chickpea :)