11 August 2006

ixnay on the antasyfay ootballfay

I still refuse to play fantasy football (I'm not even going to capitalize it! So there!) but I might watch something having to do with football on Tuesday nights this fall.

Friday Night Lights hasn't even premiered yet, and I'm already convinced it's going to be a hit. Every time hear the preview, I have to come back into the room to watch. (I watch a lot of TV from the other room.) Love the song -- click on Collide.

It won't be the next ER (nor will anything else for a least a few more years) and it won't be The One That Is As Good As Friends, but I think that for those of us who enjoyed our youth, and who like television, drama, and puppies, this show is gonna rock.

duu duu da duu da duut...

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