07 August 2006

note to self

I was enjoying some leftover homemade kung-pao chicken today...but then I took one particular bite and thought, "What?! I don't remember there being a bad spot on that green pepper! Weird. Bad mushroom? Tastes strange. Like it was pickled or something? No..." (People at work were probably trying to get my attention during this inner monologue. Can't talk. Busy eating.) Of course I shook it off and continued to enjoy my lunch (inertia) and then when I looked down, a few bites later, I realized I was about to chomp down on a slice of fresh ginger...mystery solved.

I just made this stuff two nights ago! I must figure out a way to remember the ingredients I used while cooking. I mean, this dish only has five ingredients total!

This is just going to get worse as I age and have children. Brace yourselves.

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