16 July 2008

who knew?

There are other things going on in my life. I promise. I'm reading lots of different books, enjoying summer cookouts, and seem to be seeing a new superhero movie just about every weekend. The farm box is just so much fun, though!

The best find from last week was this recipe for beets. Never thought about beet latkes, but I suppose you can grate any root vegetable you please, and of course everything tastes better fried. Delicious and pretty on a plate.

And this week's box just arrived!

Cucumbers disappear rapidly around here, whether in a chopped salad with feta and tomatoes, or raita. Green beans, too. But yellow beans are something new -- are they the same as wax beans?

Of course, Epicurious to the rescue with a handful of delicious-sounding options. And according to Google, you can pickle them, too. The Swiss chard is already crying out for garlic and olive oil. And the pattypan squash might need the same treatment.

02 July 2008

has it already been a week?

So I got all those fabulous veggies last week and got to cooking and forgot to blog!

Most of the celery is still in the fridge, as I cannot eat it (allergy) and the lovely husband can only eat so much. I used the broccoli first, blanched and then tossed with Ina Garten's Szechuan Noodle Salad . Yum - hot or cold.

Next were the herbs: threw a handful, and I do mean a handful, of chopped oregano, mint, and dill from the veggie box, along with parsley and a zucchini (shredded) from the store, into 6 beaten eggs with 1/2 cup of milk. Baked in small ramekins at 350 for 45 minutes. Got the idea from this delicious number.

Also, highly recommend you try some mint lemonade! Muddle the mint as you would for a julep or mojito, etc. and then pour in the lovely, lemony goodness. Trader Joe's has gallons of organic lemonade for something like $3. Unbeatable.

I was excited about the beets, and could ordinarily come up with half a dozen uses for them, but the fact that we had only two added a little pressure. Ina to the rescue with a tasty Summer Borscht:

I was cucumberless and scallionless at the time, so made it without those. Also, omitted sour cream and used plain Greek yogurt. Entirely worthy of your food processor, not to mention beets.

Oh, and the salad. That has probably been the most surprising thing for me. We eat quite a lot of salad, and love lots of different greens, but the crunchiness and flavor of these makes my frozen spinach addition look a little sad. (Sadder?) Aaah, well, no need to fret, for this arrived today:

So, for dinner tonight, Crunchy String Bean Salad with Red Onion (I omitted the prosciutto), roasted fingerling potatoes, following this recipe (sans crème fraîche and caviar, after all, it's only Wednesday), and Chicken with Goat Cheese and Rosemary. (After all, it is Wednesday.)