16 August 2006

let down by the internet

I'm a big fan of Wikipedia. It's chock full of interesting, helpful, and usually factual information. It's also a tribute to the basic good in humankind. And not to delve into psycho-babble, but as far as I'm concerned, it's the best, most honest representation of the fact that a good deal of our knowledge is subjective at best.

So I was terribly sad today to type in one of my favorite searches, only to find that the page has been -- sob -- deleted!

I am so sorry to be the one to inform you that you missed the experience of the "List of People Widely Considered Eccentric."

I mean, couldn't you get lost in there for a few hours yourself?!?!


I understand the debate...I just really enjoyed the list! I didn't think badly of anyone for being on it (to the contrary, in fact).

I mean, how else would I ever have learned of the Collyer brothers?

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go recycle some old newspapers.

1 comment:

raccoonteur said...

That's amazing! Done in by his own trash-related booby-trap, thereby condeming his blind, paralyzed brother to death. What a great story! I would've like to hear about Other People Widely Considered to be Eccentric, too. *pouts*