30 August 2006

blog as pensieve

I have been a bad blogger lately! Sorry for the dearth of posts! Well, let me clear my head and then we can get into some new things.

Project Runway Obsession:
I can't believe Laura is pregnant -- with her sixth!

Tim Gunn's comin' to DC and I have a ticket!

(Woe is me -- what to WEAR?!)

I'm holding out for the flower/plant product episode. I think Michael would blow everyone away with that medium.


We just rewatched Charlie & The Chocolate Factory...and had a debate about it with our neighbors. Sean and I both like Tim Burton's version best (if we have to pick something other than the book).

And God bless Wikipedia and its users for this, a Comparative Literature major's idea of a well-spent hour (reading...I'm sure it took forever to write).


Persian food for dinner last night! Walnut chicken with pomegranate sauce, saffron rice, and a spinach saute I threw together with cranberries, slivered onions, and a dash of cinnamon. The pomegranate sauce is extra-tasty, as one might expect of something made from a pomegranate. I doubled it. Want to try the walnut coating with fish..maybe a thick, fleshy white fish like snapper? pat the coating on top and bake...sounds good to me!


I just sliced off a piece of zucchini bread with a coffee stirrer...and people don't think I could make it in the wild.

(I couldn't. Bugs are scary.)


I am waaaaaaaaaaay behind on correspondence! And Christmas will be upon me before I know it. In fact, I started working on (ideas for) our Christmas card today. I heart personally conceptualizing and assembling complicated paper products. (I did get a tad overwhelmed last year and Sean had to pinch hit by addressing some envelopes.)

If I owe you a thank-you note, I promise to get it in the mail this week!


P.S. It's not in the dictionary yet, but I'm sure it soon will be.

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gsap said...

I'm thinking that Michael's gonna walk away with the title this season...Good riddance to Angela and her rosettes!