23 July 2009


Ever see something, like a particular issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, that makes you want to go back and redo your whole wedding ceremony just to incorporate one particular thing? If I could go back, I would undoubtedly incorporate more peonies.


THIS was totally worth a wedding rehearsal.

06 May 2009

We love Whole Foods!

And we got a mention on the Whole Foods blog -- woo hoo! (Scroll down to "Moms love oats!")

It's all thanks to Mama and her fabulous Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Breakfast Bars.

If they don't recommend them for breakfast, I guess maybe they won't be so pumped about SmallBean's Breakfast Cookies, huh? Well, that's okay: more for us.

06 March 2009

sometimes you just can't pause mid-meal

Me, "Also, I---" (chomp chomp)

Husband, "Did you just interrupt yourself?"

Me, "Yes."

Husband, "THAT'S a good biscuit."

02 March 2009

well that's unfortunate

Me, reading the bag while I enjoy some Smooth & Melty Mini Mints: "What is propylene glycol?"

Lovely husband: "Um, why does that sound familiar as some sort of TOXIN?"

According to Wikipedia, it is the main ingredient in deodorant sticks. And it is used to de-ice airplanes.

According to me, it is DELICIOUS.

(And a little worrying, admittedly.)