28 July 2006

"i was keeping a list...

...of problems for an ambitious theory of cryptography. I was interested in the classical problem of producing secure conventional cryptosystems." - Whitfield Diffie

(Of course. What else would you have been doing?)

I'm a lister. Just ask my lovely husband. If we're having a busy day, there is definitely a piece of paper guiding us through it, with little tick marks added by yours truly as we go. I don't need special notepads; I will write on anything. Receipts, my agenda, leftover newspapers... And I don't number. That would just be silly, not to mention overwhelming.

Speaking of my lovely husband, when he left for the weekend earlier this month, I realized I had the place to myself, which is a nice way of saying really I wished he were still here or that I'd gone with him. But there was much to do chez nous, and I intended to make a dent, so the listing began! I then reviewed and counted twenty-one things on the pre-Sunday-9am calendar. Ambitious. And no, not twenty one Steps To Accomplishing Something, as someone one asked me. That would be cheating. The list is things that need to be done, such as, in my mother's listing vernacular, "Paint LR"...

When we would get our lists for the weekend back in the day (aka the 80's), all the rooms had their own (rather obvious) abbreviations: Living Room = LR; Dining Room = DR; Your Bedroom = Your BR; etc. I am now physically incapable of spelling out l-i-v-i-n-g--r-o-o-m on a piece of paper.

The LR did get painted, and not the color we'd originally planned! It is now a lovely dark blue. That first shot turned out more "electric" than "sophisticated," and the people at the paint store were not remotely helpful, so we returned to Lowe's for Olympic Paint. And I have to do a little unpaid endorsement here: I am not someone who really minds the smell of paint, but this paint HAS no smell! You can actually sleep in the room after you paint it. Bravo, Olympic People. (Maybe you should work on those world game thingies...there is some room for improvement there.) Anyway, as mentioned in one of my recent posts, the digital camera is under the weather, so I don't have pictures of it yet, but it does look great!

Today I have been working on another list, which includes lots of presents for people who just got married, people having babies...it's all so happy and exciting! But first I think it's time for a nap in the BR. After I clean the K.

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