13 July 2006

there's a reusable fiber for that

I started to type this story and then realized there were so many explanations required that you'd need a legend to read it. So here you go:

SmallBean = my sister. That's been her nickname for a few years now. It's a long story but it stemmed from a misunderstood reference to a "small baby," and once someone else heard us laughing about "small bean," and said, "that would be a good nickname for you!" it stuck. No, it does not make sense, technically speaking. It's just somehow the most perfectly-suited nickname ever.

NewBean = my brother-in-law. SmallBean married him just a few months ago and I am almost as happy about it as she is! He doesn't have a Bean Name yet, as we ran out of bean varieties a few years ago. On that note, yes, I'd love to know more, so do tell. But really, we've tried. I mean, there's already a GreatNorthernBean.

Special note: I have a shockingly bad memory. If a UFO ever lands in my backyard (though really I imagine them as much larger than that) and the cameras show up, I will be the woman on the news saying, "I was just in the keechen' and tarned around and, laaaandaaaamoses! it was THERE and then it was just GONE." And that will be all I can remember. Not just because they zapped me. Or maybe they already have.

Story: I was on the phone earlier tonight with SmallBean. I was standing in the kitchen and had just handed something to my Lovely Husband. I don't remember what it was (see?) but it must have been dish that was still a little wet, because he promptly tore off a paper towel to dry it. And I said to SmallBean, "He just wasted a paper towel!"

Right now you're probably thinking, "Wasted? Didn't you say it was wet?" or "A paper towel? How much do those cost, anyway?"

But not my sister, no siree. Without missing a beat, she shot out, "NewBean wasted a paper towel a few weeks ago!!!"


We're related. And we grew up in the same house. Sourcing things via heredity vs. environment doesn't really work for us because those two things are virtually indistinguishable. All those genes and experiences have been combed and worked over by so many hands and woven together just like the cotton for a dish towel.

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Anonymous said...

I want to be a bean---can I be frenchbeans? -Because let's be honest, people already believe this is a real type of bean, when what i have found it to be is just a gross vinaigrette dressing poured over green beans, spring wax beans, and red pintos....