14 June 2006

some color in my cheeks

I'm back! I think I scared some people with the last post. Sorry about that. Sinus infections are terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things, but so far I've always made it back after glimpsing the dark side, despite my threats that it is 'sure to be consumption this time!'

So now I'm back at work, which is not very exciting since I'm not in love with my job right now. But I am also back to getting stuff done around the house, which is very encouraging and somewhat overdue. We meant to put the new slipcover on the couch last night...will try to get around to it again tonight...and we bought some paint for the living room. We're trying a test patch first, but I think we're gonna like it. After much deliberation, we chose "Adriatic Sea" from Sherwin-Williams. It's a deep blue with just enough green in it so that once I choose a red for the dining room, the house won't look like it was done in primary colors. (I hope.) Pictures coming soon!

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Raccoonteur said...

That Sherwin-Williams site might be more fun than I ever thought I could have with such a site. Surprisingly enjoyable.