28 June 2006

what about the rainbow

It's Day Four of constant work for the sump pumps. We've had no rain since a slight drizzle yesterday, and the back yard is but a shadow of its former pond, but we're expecting rain and severe thunderstorms tonight. The basement is mostly dried out, and I really don't want it to get wet again! But in thanks to the two things that have kept us from far worse problems than we've had, I've decided it's high time we named the sump pumps. They have been chugging since at least Sunday night, but probably since sometime Saturday afternoon, and I feel like they need a little credit! I also feel like since I have been going down there and talking to them (as if they were plants and my expelled breath would be somehow constructive to their continued strength) I should go ahead and fully anthropomorphize them so as to not feel crazy.

Meet Maximus:
Maximus is an attractive, well-built machine. He enjoys home improvement projects, especially those involving plumbing and foundation maintenance. In general, he keeps to himself, though he's loud enough to let you it when he's working. For at least three days now, he's been in charge of the wettest section of our basement. Not a complainer, Maximus just likes to keep on keepin' on.

I'm still working on a name for the second one. Anybody have ideas for a name with a meaning something like "quiet immortal warrior?"


Raccoonteur said...

See, at least you give them real names. I'd call them "Sumpy" and some variation of "Sumpy."

Anonymous said...

I think something mythical -- who was the Greek god of water?