26 June 2006

R.I.P. thermal carafe

Our coffeepot has left us. It makes a threatening crackling sound when you load it up and press the brew button. Hence I am curled up with a cup of tea this morning attempting to wake up sans coffee...don't think I've done this since the 80's. I have nothing against tea and enjoy a cup as a pick-me-up now and then, usually in the afternoon. I'm just a coffee person. I really hope this cup of tea gets me all the way to Starbucks.

Also, while we were in Alabama over the weekend at the incredibly lovely weekend of our friends, God sent storm after storm to DC until he remembered the whole rainbow promise. So I'm home from work to start figuring out the basement. All the (now soggy) boxes must be emptied and they (and maybe their contents) thrown away. All the other boxes must be put on shelves (which I must construct). And I have to go buy a new coffeepot!

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