14 September 2006

random specifics

The weather in DC has been so perfect this week. It's my absolute favorite: cloudy, chilly, and you cannot be sure about leaving your umbrella behind. Aaaah, fall is coming. It will soon be time for sweaters and soup!

My favorite street vendor, Davitt, from whom I usually just pick up a morning bottle o' Evian, had lowfat chocolate milk on Tuesday! Super handy since I accidentally skipped breakfast, and so tasty. Chocolate milk is highly underrated.

Given the classes at the Corcoran this week, my days are lengthy and I have quite a bit to carry with me in terms of notebooks and worksheets in progress. After a fruitless searches for my trusty, huge red leather purse, I remembered that my black tote bag would be perfect and that I knew exactly where it was (because I'd used it recently, which is basically always the case). One of my many aunts -- you know who you are! (or maybe all of them will take credit!) -- gave it to me YEARS ago...seriously, it might have been a decade...for Christmas, and I have struggled over the years to keep it from the sneaky, prying hands of friends and roommates. It's just such a great bag. Just like Mary Poppins's, it is a completely reasonable size to sling over your arm and carry down the street, and yet it holds all of my purse's contents + two big notebooks + lunch. And I am therefore not a Glamour Don't riding in on the Metro.

Happy for me: unlike everywhere else on earth, Cosi makes their tuna salad without celery! (I am allergic. My throat feels like it's going to close up.) They use carrots instead. I humbly suggest that everyone follow suit.

Once upon a time there was a website - what now would probably be a blog - by these people named Al and Lori Marsh. I think they lived in Lake Wobegon or thereabouts. Their whole website was made up of quotes, and even though it disappeared about five years ago, I still miss it. One of my favorite quotes (and I'm sorry I cannot recall the attribution) was said by a lady at a church supper, "We don't believe in luck. Please call it a 'Pot Blessing.'" Marshes, where are you?!?!

***Project Runway spoiler below***

I'm so excited that Laura won last night's Project Runway challenge! Great dress and I still cannot believe she's dealing with all of this while she's pregnant. On the flip side of the PR coin, I am so relieved that no fluke allowed Angela or Vincent to continue. They are just not as good as the other five. And I was sad to see Kayne go, but I am sure he's going to make it on his own anyway. Even if some people did think that shirt looked like Elvis. (I didn't. It was just not right with the pants and unnecessary bling. Dave Navarro could totally rock it.)

***spoiler over***

gotta get to work!

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raccoonteur said...

Agreed on PR! I was so happy for Laura to get a win finally. It's weird when she's happy. Or emotional at all. Still, yay for Laura! All in all, a great episode, I thought, which started out with me screaming at the TV when Vincent and Angela showed up.