13 September 2006

first step into someone else*'s territory

I have had some weird jobs, and perhaps more relevant to this topic, I have worked with some seriously weird people. Of course that can make everything from coming up with a PR plan to booking a plane ticket insanely difficult, but the upside is that you get great quotes out of it.

To that end, here are a few of my recent favorites from the office:

"I'm really sort-of 'seat of the pants'ing it."

"My sense is that the French don't build houses in the middle of forests."

"I can't remember what it was but I can tell it was something exquisite."

"I go straight to the pumpkin patch from the office, right?"

"Dulles gives me anxiety."

"It's rather...rather...full of his characteristic opacity, I would say."

left on a note on my desk, "See me re: $4,542.63."

"I haven't used crayons in a presentation before -- not since I was about ten."

and, what I consider the best of the week so far:

"Please be a little clearer by what you mean with Wachovia Bank vs. Mongolian Embassy."


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