06 October 2006

make it work on another level

My dear, pescotarian, non-driving friend from Kentucky and I went to see Tim Gunn speak Thursday night at the Corcoran. Obviously, no one who reads my blog will be surprised that I'm a fan of the museum. In addition to great art and a great art school, though, they have fabulous public programs that bring speakers to DC. As it turns out, Mr. Gunn is a DC native! But that is about the least interesting thing we learned this evening. To say that Mr. Gunn is an elegant, erudite, articulate gentleman would be quite an understatement. He is also completely charming, very funny, and, I think, just a tad wicked!

Since I really don't think I can distill my thoughts at this hour, I am just going to post a few of my notes.

On living in Kuala Lumpur (while working for Parsons) for three months:
"...and people would say, 'Oh, how fabulous!' and I would say, 'Do you know that Kuala Lumpur means muddy confluence?'" *under his breath, dismally* "aaaannnd it's equatorial."

Mr. Gunn is the great-grandson of Harry Wardman, a very well-respected DC real estate developer. (Also see here.)

On walking the red carpet at the Emmys (after Project Runway Season One was nominated):
"I felt like a mongrel at the Westminster Kennel Club!"

On what's important:
"You have to recognize that a serendipitous moment has occurred, and evaluate it."

On who 'makes it,' he says he tells his students:
"Those of you with the MOST passion and the MOST drive, those of you who HAVE to do this -- no matter what obstacles in your way -- are the ones who are going to make it."

On the 7.5 hour taping of the reunion episode of PR3 (aired Wednesday night):
"Heidi and I wanted to just self-eviscerate."

On change:
"Actually, I like the unknown. It suits me."

On how he would never have guessed his path:
"When I was playing in the sandbox...actually, I hated sandboxes - dirty and messy!"
(Hear! Hear!)

On PR3 the mothers episode, which he described as "psychotic":
"Because the mothers and sisters were our guests, editing was very kind to them. It was also very kind to Jeffrey." *pause* "And I have to add - and I will -- Vincent WON?!?! What was that? Looked like she was one of the pilgrims!"

(Judge for yourself. The lovely Heidi is Uli's mom - it's not her fault.)

That's it - time to sleep. Even the PR designers go to bed at midnight...

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