04 April 2007

outta my head

Spring Fever + Stuck At My Desk = An Even More Peripatetic* Brain Than Usual!

Should I be worried that there is a smear of mustard on the inside of the wrapper of my Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich, especially given that mustard is not a standard condiment on that particular sandwich?

mrawf mrawf mrawf what? can't hear you. too busy. spicy goooood.


I got a haircut today! I love getting my hair cut. Love the girl who cuts my hair - she let me expand my horizons with her copy of US Weekly today! Love that the salon is on U Street. Love that I ride the bus to get there. Have I done a post about how different the bus is from the Metro? WAY DIFFERENT.
1. No biggie if you don't have your fare ready when you get on. Just sort it out and step back up front.
2. You can ask questions! Most drivers will answer them!
3. People talk! And not just to themselves, but to each other!
4. Lots of people say thank you to the driver as they exit the bus. Maybe the Metro train drivers wouldn't slam so many people in the doors if we had an opportunity to make them feel a little more appreciated.


must keep eating. more in a minute. for now, amuse yourselves with Peeps for Passover


*I did not know about that second "t"!

1 comment:

dylan said...

Although, the bus keeps running people over, so clearly we're not being gracious enough! (I do love the bus, though.)