31 May 2006

no time like the present

My dear friend Scott started a blog a few weeks...or was it months...ago. And I've been meaning to start one myself. After all, what better way to inform the people in your life without pestering them with a phone call or email every time you have something to say?

So here's what I think I'll be talking about:

Things I Love, including
1. people
2. books
3. travel
4. cooking
5. knitting
6. my cat (don't worry, Maggie, this is clearly not in order of preference)
7. our new house
8. many things French, as I am a definite francophile

and probably Things I Don't Like, including
9. cleaning
10. the heat
11. my recent wishy-washiness
12. anything that happens to me while I am experiencing one of the above three things.

Next entry: Why CurlyHairDay?
Stay tuned for: Choose your flamingo!

1 comment:

Scott said...

I'm so excited I'm so excited!!!

Get to work!